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the care of Elisabeth and Emilie

Discovery of the Lot valley, the Dordogne and the Célé

Tailor-made courses according to your centers of interest can be proposed to you

Facilitators we are at your disposal

Do you want to relax and rediscover joy, vitality or recharge your batteries? 

Our haven of peace lends itself perfectly to this with the possibility of sophrology sessions in groups or alone. Elisabeth, sophrologist graduated from the French Federation of Sophrology, accompanies you for an hour to help you understand how you can find a better harmony between body and mind, an overall balance and a serenity synonymous with joy of living. . Sessions can take place in the massage area out of sight and above the swimming pool, on the meadow or in “Afghan walk” mode in the surrounding woods.


On request, different types of massages are also possible:

  • Gentle massages aimed at relaxing muscles and soothing tension (by Elisabeth).

  • Energetic massages with organic essential oils (Altearah), personalized, adapted to your current needs and associated with an olfactory ritual (by Emilie).

  • Psycho Bio Acupressure (PBA) sessions for energy rebalancing and release of emotional blockages, with the aim of freeing oneself from conditioning (by Emilie, graduate of the Delatte Institute).


For sophrology as for massages, just book and you will tell us what you need. We will do the rest together.


Price of sophrology sessions:     

Price of massage sessions:   

massage douceur                                 50 euros/1 hour;

massages huiles essentielles             75 euros/1h15 approximately

et PBA                                                      60 euros/session 1 hour approximately


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