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Before-After (the adventure continues...)

Acquired less than a year ago, this beautiful property still required some renovation work. A first phase of fairly ambitious work was successfully carried out thanks to the mobilization of local companies, whom we warmly thank because the context was very difficult (short deadlines, shortages of materials, price inflation, etc.).

Everyone took part in this adventure and in a few months we were able to completely renovate an outbuilding and create very satisfactory comfort there (Les Grandes Pierres), improve the comfort of another outbuilding (the cottage) and create all parts of our first guest room (Return from travels) while modernizing our "kitchen" which was in dire need of it.

From the swimming pool we kept the structure (11 x 5 meters) but completely changed everything else (liner, pump and filtration system, tarpaulins and protection) while placing it in a beautiful mineral setting that really makes you want to come and swim , sunbathe and contemplate the surrounding nature.

Sanitation, electricity, plumbing, floor repair, tiling, placo, creation of three kitchens, replacement of a staircase and changes to a large number of openings for better insulation, painting, landscaping, plantations... we have worked on all fronts and the result is there!

We like to think that our predecessors and especially this sleeping beauty are delighted with this revival which respects the spirit of the place while giving it back colors, functionality and joy! 

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