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Les Petits déjeuners des chambres d'hôtes, les délices des Pierres Lotoises, Chambres d'hôtes dans l
chambre hotes redimensionnee 2
Gastronomie aux Pierres Lotoises, Gîtes et Chambres d'hôtes de Charme, les Gourmandises proposées
Pièce de réception des chambres d'hôtes aux Pierres Lotoises, Laval -Reilhaguet
Des îdées de Balades, découvertes pour les hôtes des Pierres Lotoises, Reilhaguet
Paysage du Lot, carnet photographique des Pierres Lotoises, gîtes et chambres d'hôtes, Reilhaguet
Rencontre, une nature authentique dans le Lot, photo des carnets de Voyage des Pierres Lotoises.
Jardin des Pierres Lotoises, Reilhaguet
espace Zen, Massage et sophrologie, Les Pierres Lotoises, Lot
Magnifique vue du jardin des Pierres Lotoises, Gîtes et Chambres d'hôtes de Charme, Lot
Les tables d'hôtes des Pierres Lotoises
chambre hôtes, Retour de Voyages


The reception activity had been on their minds for a long time. In love with France, its varied and authentic landscapes, its gastronomy, its history, its skies, Elisabeth and Eric settled in Laval, in the Lot, just before Christmas 2021. This property seduced them at first glance. The breathtaking view, the calm, the quality of the natural environment, the charm of the hamlet, the quality and harmony of the buildings, the proximity of countless possibilities for discovery, everything came together to facilitate the implementation of this hosting project.

Respecting the architecture, the spirit of the building and those who preceded them within these walls, they undertook major works with the support of local craftsmen and the adventure is not finished. The first season, summer 2021, was a great success.

The next seasons are being prepared at the moment with new reception possibilities to come.


Elisabeth and Eric, both in their fifties, have had rich and active lives, with many years in Paris, in the south of France or abroad. It was time to find an anchor and authenticity, something that resembles them and that they wanted. Already knowing a little about the south-west and very curious, Elisabeth and Eric like to make new discoveries, enrich their notebooks of secrets andwill share with you the many pleasures offered by a stay at Les Pierres Lotoises, in the heart of the “Land of Wonders”.

The Dovecote
Return from travel
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