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Women and Men in this project



Like all adventures, that of the Pierres Lotoises is also a story of encounters and partnerships:


  • Partnership with an agent who listens, understands your research and your needs and who  finds the nugget that suits you and will make your project possible: thank you to Mr. Ilan Libert and the agency Patrice Besse for submitting this offer to us in privileged mode and for carrying out the project with impeccable professionalism! Without you, Les Pierres Lotoises would simply not exist.


  • Partnership with local companies who, despite the deadlines and the strong and varied constraints of a complicated period (inflation, scarcity of materials, covid, etc.), have mobilized to support us, advise us and carry out our projects. We would especially like to thank

    • the plumbing company Brice PCP,

    • Mr. Nicolas Chabert electrician,

    • Mr. Jérôme Lalanne carpenter,

    • the tiling companies Soulié and Sanfins,

    • the sanitation company Denis for their professionalism and their availability.

    • Les Jardins d'Eryrignac who offered us reduced rates for our summer 2022 visitors 

    • the masonry company Tocaven

  • Partnership at the same time as friendly and professional support with Laurence Sauvajol, available, attentive and doubly competent to accompany us in the creation of this site, taking into account her past activities as hosts in a high quality residence and her artistic talent .

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